Let’s go, Victoria!

No matter where you need to go across Melbourne or Victoria, the train, tram, or bus will take you there.
Let’s go PT.


Let’s go, Victoria!

No matter where you need to go across Melbourne or Victoria, the train, tram, or bus will take you there.
Let’s go PT.

Get back to the things you ❤️

Hey Victoria, welcome back to what we love about our great state.

Whether you’re looking forward to some ‘me’ time on your way to work or school, catching a train or tram to get to the sporting precinct, or heading out to a gig, shopping for a big brand bargain at Bourke Street Mall or catching up with your besties for dinner and drinks or seeking an out-of-town rail adventure to regional Vic—we’re looking forward to seeing your friendly faces. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Our train, tram and bus workers have missed you. Learn more about what Taz, Peter and Vinnie love most about the city and regions returning to life again. 

‘Trains are a massive part of bringing people back into the city’

Taz from Metro Trains

You may have already heard Taz’s upbeat voice on the train platform (who loves to brighten people’s day), find out what Taz loves most about Melbourne now.

‘You do develop quite a relationship with some of the people’

Peter from V/Line

Peter’s been a conductor on V/Line for many years – learn about the special bond he shares with his passengers.

‘It's a small world, you never know who you’re gonna meet’

Yannet, Yarra Trams

Discover what Yannet’s been chatting about with her passengers and remember to give her a wave at the platform. She’ll love it!

‘There’s so many different stories’


Vinnie from buses

Get to know who Vinnie’s favourite passenger is and what he loves most about his job.

Let’s go a different way

Have you considered the benefits of catching PT, like saving money on petrol or not having to worry about finding a park? When you catch PT, you’ve got more time to spend doing the things you love. You can catch up on the news, start watching that latest episode or squeeze in some online shopping.

There are so many benefits when you choose PT.

So, think outside the car and let’s go a different way. Let’s go PT.

Plan your next journey now.

Let's go a different way text overlaying man walking with train in background




What have you missed about Melbourne?

Discovering vibrant street art in quirky laneways? The roar from the 'G when your favourite team scores?

Being the first to sample mouthwatering cuisine, or hands down - finding the best and cheapest noodle bar in town! Maybe you love seeing world-class performers on stage or being swept up in the beat or tune of a new artist in the city’s underground.

Or perhaps you’re even looking forward to hopping on a tram just to hear that nostalgic – ding! ding!

Whatever you love to do. Let’s go Melbourne. Let’s get back to all the things we ❤️ Let’s go PT.